Seasonal Updates: Spring at Stockton House

Here at Stockton House, we understand the importance of nurturing our grounds to reflect their natural beauty. Led by Alan Greenway, our dedicated head gardener, we prioritise safety and sustainability in all our efforts to maintain our beloved surroundings. 

Restoration after winter storms 

The harsh winter weather took its toll on our environment, with fallen trees and scattered debris needing lots of attention. In response, Alan has been actively working hard to ensure that any damage to the Stockton House grounds is restored. Trees have been replanted in the woodland to replace those lost during the storms, bare root hedge planting has commenced in the back car park, and tree pruning throughout the grounds is underway to remove storm-damaged or hanging branches, safeguarding our employees and guests on site. 

New growth and additions 

As spring has now begun, Alan has been diligently preparing for the season ahead by adding new elements to our landscape. Native trees and shrubs are being thoughtfully planted to enrich biodiversity and provide support for local wildlife. Additionally, we are in the process of introducing a specimen tree at our Napton Road entrance, enhancing visual appeal and offering a warm welcome to our visitors. Mulching flower beds with our home-produced compost fosters new floral growth and enhances soil quality, ensuring sustainability for the long term. 

Cut back and prep 

To ensure optimal growth within our grounds, Alan diligently tends to our plants and hedges. From pruning roses to planting new beds, every action is taken with precision and care. By removing hellebore foliage to mitigate disease risks and reveal their stunning flowers, we set the stage for a vibrant season ahead. Any foliage deemed 'safe' is added to our compost heap, contributing to our sustainability efforts and future growth. 

Machinery maintenance 

As we gear up for the summer season, the maintenance of our garden machinery is paramount. Every tool, from lawnmowers to trimmers, undergoes thorough servicing to ensure peak performance and efficiency. This proactive approach not only extends the lifespan of our equipment but also ensures that all garden tasks are executed to the highest standards. 

Stay tuned for further updates as Alan prepares for the upcoming seasons of Summer, Autumn, and Winter! Now is the perfect time to experience the beauty of Stockton House.

Book your visit today and immerse yourself in tranquillity within our beautiful surroundings. 

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